Your employees deserve great group benefits. They deserve Blueprint.

And you deserve to have benefits you can proudly – and affordably provide.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, large corporate conglomerate or part of an organization such as the OHBA – your employees deserve to have benefits they can rely on.

Exclusive benefits

Through Blueprint’s partnership with strategic service providers, you’re able to deliver value add-ons which aren’t readily available anywhere else.

  • Senior Care: Help your employees stay engaged at work while meeting the demands of caring for aging loved ones at home with access to dedicated advice, guidance and support from eldercare experts.
  • Child Care: Finding trustworthy child care is always a challenge. Help your employees meet it by connecting them directly with temporary emergency and high-quality permanent child care options.
  • Early Medical Intervention: When employees aren’t feeling their best – mentally or physically, they can take immediate action to ensure early symptoms don’t become a long-lasting illness.
  • Low-Cost Pharmaceuticals: Necessary medication shouldn’t be cost-prohibitive. We’ve partnered with the Loblaw network of pharmacies to control dispensing fees, medication costs and vision care fees.
  • Paramedical Service Protection: Blueprint will develop a plan to make certain all paramedical claims are submitted properly, thus reducing the risk of coverage abuse.

Blueprint covers the basics too

In addition to the exclusive benefits above, we also provide the strong foundation of any benefits program:

  • Dental Plans
  • Health Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Short & Long-Term Disability
  • Vision Care
  • Health Care Spending Account
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

How your Blueprint comes to life

We take a detailed, three-step approach to take you all the way from planning to implementation and post-launch initiatives:



We’ll look at your current plan to identify areas of opportunity.

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We’ll tell you what’s possible in order to meet your benefit needs.

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We’ll make sure your new Blueprint plan is implemented smoothly.

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Build your blueprint with Blueprint

Our team of employee insurance experts have built customized benefits and insurance plans for individuals and organizations throughout Southern Ontario.

Plans which are strong and can grow with ever-changing needs.

We can do the same for you. Developing your blueprint starts with a conversation.

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