Best policies for OHBA members

Blueprint (via its previous history as MHC Employee Benefits) specializes in creating the best policy for Ontario Home Builders’ Association members.

OHBA members receive custom benefits packages, stable rates and exceptional discounts when they choose Blueprint to create flexible and affordable group insurance benefits.

Advantages of group insurance with Blueprint

  • Stay ahead of the competition: Offer your employees a compensation package – including group benefits – which will create a loyal workforce and make your business a top destination for top talent.
  • Keep costs down: As a business owner, you always have one eye on costs. As an OHBA member, your corporate business can benefit from lower costs and liberal underwriting which comes with Blueprint.
  • Policy flexibility: A small business doesn’t have to have small options. Your business has unique needs and there’s a customized Blueprint plan we can build to meet the health and lifestyle needs of your employees.

Exclusive OHBA member discounts

Enjoy the best group insurance benefits by taking advantage of the collective buying power of the organization.

By doing this, you impact hundreds of business, including your own, in creating affordable premiums everyone can afford.

Simply put, the more OHBA members who partner with Blueprint to develop a comprehensive benefits plan for their business, the lower each individual company’s rate will be.

Group benefit services available at discounted rates include:

  • Dental care
  • Health care
  • Elder care
  • Vision care
  • Health care spending account
  • Out-of-province medical coverage
  • Critical disease loss of use
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Long & short-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance

Build your blueprint with Blueprint

Our team of employee insurance experts have built customized benefits and insurance plans for individuals and organizations throughout Southern Ontario.

Plans which are strong and can grow with ever-changing needs.

We can do the same for you. Developing your blueprint starts with a conversation.

Contact us today to book your Blueprint discovery meeting.